Εthereal Hall is a new modern hall of conference at in the wider space of Royal Hotel Thessaloniki.

It’s a space that has two halls, the main Ethereal Hall and the Oval Hall. The main Ethereal Hall can be transformed in a partly outdoor space and that because of the opening of the roof at half during the summer months of the year. It’s an ideal hall for every special occasion like presentations, meetings and workshops. Oval is also a hall with excellent remote-control lights, ideal for meetings and presentations.

Food menu

Εthereal Hall and Royal Hotel Thessaloniki offer different choices either in menu or in buffet.

Especially Ethereal offers three choices for the menu and three choices for the buffet. However, every interested candidate could combine the choices that are offered and could organize his/her personalized menu. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that thanks to our capable chef and the modern establishments of Ethereal which have two cuisines including an elevator, your service becomes easier for everyone.


Communicate with us to organize the conference you are dreaming of all this time. Together we will make the best team for a unique result. In Ethereal Hall we create experiencies.

Our wedding reception in the multi-purpose banquet hall Ethereal was an unforgetful experience. Excellent trained stuff, great service and a wonderful view of Thermaikos sea.

When you are gathering in a banquet hall with all the beloved people of your life, you feel happiness and gratitude. Ethereal Hall makes this experience even better thanks to its modern establishment and the festive atmosphere. In Ethereal Hall you want to get married again and again!